Stock cooler is fine, keeping card under 70C in load, but makes a bit of sound while gaming silent idle. Rob Williams Rob founded Techgage in to be an ‘Advocate of the consumer’, focusing on fair reviews and keeping people apprised of news in the tech world. The dark-colored fan in the center helps complete the card, and it looks great overall. It’s why nVidia was receiving fire to change their line-up to make it simpler. Given the price of the card on the market though, we can let this little complaint slide. No memory chips are actively cooled, as they run pretty cool on their own. So glad I don’t have to download any drivers there anymore:

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How many GTX ? Call of Duty 4 5. IMHO it looks a little depressing The only part of knigth cooler to touch the board is the center, which sits atop the GPU core. ASUS has set up its product page already. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Catering to both enthusiasts and businesses alike; from desktop gaming to professional workstations, and all the supporting software.

I know its Asus by the fact it says Asus in front, the EN is just redundant in my eyes and confusing in other customers eyes. Then its really worth to call Dark Knight atleast by looks: Page List Top 1.


And a load of software. This should be an EGGcellent graphics card for Folding Home, judging from the monstrous cooling device. It’s why nVidia was receiving fire to change their line-up to make it simpler.

Don’t know what temps this will get and noise, as it doesn’t look like a PWM fan just 9080gtx wires if I see correctly. Biggest fault in ASUS is however their website.

The card can be pushed as far as MHz core and 2, MHz memory.

It would be nice for doing hi-res texture mods to a game like oblivion or something I think. I like the option to get a full 1gb of vram with a current mid-range gpu. People complaining about nVidia having too many options, take a trip over to newegg will you? Any recent PSU should include two, however. OCing can be done afterwards.: With a side view, we can even better see how the the cooler will dissipate heat.

Experience Marvelous Gaming Performance with ASUS EN9800GTX+!

I have to admit I like this design quite a bit. At the very least I’m happy for the variety of cards on the market. So please, get your facts straight before you start bashing.

What exactly are you talking about? Futuremark 3DMark Vantage Taking a look at the back view, we can better see how the cooler is constructed. Sometimes it’s nice having all the extra variety for niche shoppers, cuz sometimes you’re looking for a card that can meet some very specific requirements. It’s like Ice cream. So glad I don’t have to download any drivers there anymore: It took over 5min to get the bloody product page open and their website has been like that for years.


ENGTX+ DK/HTDI/M | Graphics Cards | ASUS USA

This site uses cookies. This is how the graphics industry is, I wouldn’t want to live in a world where each card only had one option and one option only. Unfortunately nVidia didn’t do a bang up job of cleaning up their naming with the G series and all the manufacturing companies made it worse all the same by adding their own to the title.

What he means is, if you go to the Asus website and look up line of cards, you’ll see at least 10 that fall into that category. Does it really need an ‘EN’ in the title?