This will tell you if your on-board nic is truly the problem. The Internet connection being used was via a USB Cable modem and did not interfer with getting on-line. Normal Cable Offline Test. If they try to fix it and your 21 day return expires, you are stuck with it. With regards to your network connection, it is most likely “onboard”, IE the Ethernet adaptor is integrated into the mainboard of the computer.

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Xpz was able to get me up and dlel on the wireless laptop, but had no luck to re establish the desktop connection. However, after I rebooted, my Dell xps 410 network adapter spontaneously stopped working, it gave me the message “New Hardware Found” which was the “Ethernet Controller” and my Router was no longer being detected eventhough I had it connected with the ethernet cable. I have checked the drivers for the XPS, and the only one listed for network adaptors which may be right for you is the Intel series driver: Missed the part about Windows 7.

I cant connect to the internet. I finally ended up with two problems: I went to device manager and uninstalled dell xps 410 network Ethernet Controller ddll still shows up as a yellow “?

Right now I have my internet setup wirelessly using the USB network adapter Wireless router being used as an access point in the other room. Thanks to both of you for your help – worked like a charm!

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The technician hooked it up before for del. Have you found your drivers yet? I connected the Router directly to my Network adapter via the Ethernet cable provided with the router in order to access the router’s config page. Well i’ll need internet to use that, therefore i need to install enternet driver on my PCi’m posting this xp my laptop, thanks for trying. Can someone dell xps 410 network me whether this kind of problem is usually a hardware problem or a software problem?

After trying to install the Ethernet Controller as the “New Hardware Found” message prompted, I dell xps 410 network met with a message that the Ethernet Controller does not have the necessary software.

Dell XPS N Specs – CNET

I suggest dell xps 410 network you download that install, follow the instructions, and let us know how you get on. Anyway, it was a short chat and he told me to upgrade my computer’s BIOs driver, which I did, and still there was no success. Well, this time didn’t do so good.

This will tell you if your on-board nic is truly the problem. You might have better nrtwork searching for Dimension drivers, which is the same machine insofar as drivers are concerned.

I didn’t want to worry my sister – she could still do her emailing. What is model of your router. Dell does not support Windows 7 on this machine, but since Windows 7 is based on Vista you can usually get by with the Vista drivers in the near term.


I am now trying to connect a router, which needs an ethernet connection. Dell xps 410 network last fall a windows update failed. I did diagnose and received this error message: I would leave the XPS at Auto negotiate.

Hi Bessie, Sorry to hear about your loss. Sorry this is so long – I just don’t want to set it up until I know what I really have. If you are inside 21 days, return dell xps 410 network. Both the laptop and desktop are running Windows Vista. I am not new to this computer, however, as I have helped her with it many times. If I leave it at auto-negotiate, the computer randomly reboots itself. I tried the suggestions found her, dell xps 410 network no success.

Click on change adapter settings. It is not flat but in a cube. The Internet connection being used was via a USB Cable modem and did not interfer with getting on-line.