You get what you pay for in this market Older ‘PII only’ controllers can’t. It’s like a happy medium. I feel a little more confident putting my money on the line now. Log in Don’t have an account? Kamerat, I’ve heard that after the bios has been upgraded, even downgrading it will still give the cpu error you’re receiving so unfortunately you may be out of luck sorry.

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Like baby bear’s pudding, it is juuuuust right for my legacy machine. At the click of a few buttons in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator you can have, at your fingertips, access to reviews of just about any motherboard from virtually any manufacturer intel se440bx 2 the net with the exception of one. PCI sound cards vs. Like most newer motherboards, the Intel SEBX is a jumperless motherboard, however the Intel se440bx 2 Setup on the motherboard is activated in a slightly different manner than you would normally expect.

Appreciate you guys keeping up these old articles. Thanks heaps for the link.

Intel se440bx 2 definitely notice quite a few differences between the SEBX and most other BX motherboards, the heatsink covering the BX chipset is a much more low profile unit and extends further over the sides of the chipset itself.

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Don’t have said chip available to test. I putter along at a nice relaxed mhz on a p2 chip.


All tests were conducted at x x colors. The return rate on Intel se440bx 2 BX board is extremely low, and is among the top for success rates neighboring AOpen among others. The SC can handle Cumines. And I’m yet to find someone try the coppermine 1ghz cpu.

Intel Desktop Board SEBX-2 Specs – CNET

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Ziff Davis Winstone – Windows 95 Performance. I should hopefully be scoring a Proliant in the next few weeks. What do you mean though when you say it ran fine using coppermine but didn’t recognise it?

The only person that this board would suit is intel se440bx 2 that isn’t looking se44b0x expansion in a motherboard, someone that isn’t looking for the absolute best performance, but someone that is willing to pay for a stable, reliable, and basically a quality product.

Want a slow enough pc for older games? You get what you pay for in this market It also states that it supports coppermine cpu’s which the 1ghz cpu is. Did it intel se440bx 2 or not before the bios update?

At least you have the option of using a cpu up to 1ghz intel se440bx 2 you want that extra speed. Kamerat, I’ve heard that after the bios has been upgraded, even downgrading it will still give the cpu error you’re receiving so unfortunately you may be out of luck sorry.

Intel SEBX Pentium II Board

Therefore you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on the benchmarks you see here, but also on the technical features and advantages of this particular board, seeing as that will probably make the greatest difference in your overall experience.


Intel packaged a hefty manual with the board AnandTech tested, the manual documented the initial installation, setup, and configuration of just about every aspect of the SEBX and its related components. The SEBX is still a decent performer nonetheless, all BX motherboards intel se440bx 2 within a few percent of each other when clocked at the same speed so Business Winstone intel se440bx 2 shouldn’t be the deciding factor in whether or not you purchase this motherboard.

Guess we can put this to rest.

Intel SE440BX-2, Slot 1 (BOXSE440BX2NAV) Motherboard

Not sure about the missing slot? DOS Sound Blaster compatibility: Is there any way to downgrade or modify the BIOS on the boards not officially supporting Coppermines?

Performance wasn’t Intel’s number one goal with the SEBX, rather quality, stability, reliability, and then speed. The manual contained documentation in 10 different languages, ranging from English and Spanish to even Russian. The connectors on the intel se440bx 2 itself are, for the most part, easily accessible and once again extreme attention intel se440bx 2 been paid to detail in this case. sf440bx

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