Sign In Sign Up. You are very positive the PCB is dead There is obvious damage on the PCB board The hard drive does not spin the hard drive never fell or was shaken If the hard drive simply can’t be detected, or if it is clicking, then it could be a circuit board problem, but it could easily be internal damage as well. When you first install them they go wacky. One of my smart programs reports the accuracy of the readings. I’ve had no issues with this drive.

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Circled red in the picture On this chip, there should be a row of numbers that says I guess it’s something that’s typical for Maxtors as my OneTouches have been acting up like this as well.

This product is made to be an identical and functional replacement for your circuit board, therefore repairing your hard drive and saving you expensive data recovery charges. Contact us through our online form by clicking herewe ,axtor try our best to locate the correct PCB for you, and reply within 12 hours. Maxhor of those other reasons are that these drives are toasters.


Maxtor 200GB 7,200RPM ATA133 8MB (6Y200PO) or (6B200PO)

If you bought the wrong board by accident, please inform us a. On the label side of the drive, near the bottom left 6y200pi side, there should be a line that says ” Code: The WD HD that was in this machine originally failed after three weeks and had to send it in to HP to replace the drive.

Please note that this item can fix drives with ONLY circuit board problems. To ensure compatibility, please follow the steps listed mxtor carefully. I’ve noticed that my spin up time has gone from the original to dramatically and then remained there for the past few weeks.

This board has many firmware versions.

Redstore – Maxtor 6YPO GB IDE ATA/ rpm HDD

Posted December 24, Please do NOT attempt to open the drive without a clean room. If this item is not a match, please email us at hddparts gmail.

There is no refund or exchange policy. All boards have been fully tested before shipment, there is no refund policy, but we offer an exchange if the board has obviously been damaged during shipping.

Thank you for your time. Temperatures range from 30C to 40C depending on the environnment of the room. Thank you again for looking at our site and best of luck repairing your hard drive! This is just an electronic board for this model Hard Drive. The value on this drive is “”.


Please view the details about this issue by clicking here. I bought this computer early in April of this year. Already have an account?

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It was a WDJB which died after about half a year of purchase. I’m concerned about the spin up time.

What this board is supposed to do for you: Should I be concerned about these changes Sign in with Twitter. The computer gets heavy use and it’s ,axtor into a high quality surge protector. Let’s see if I get past the “delayed write failed”s. Data Recovery Seagate I’ve read that high temps and spin up time can indicate motor failure or bearings. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.