Posted by Peter Cock at Hey, I use the camera with webcamXP to host it online from my comp. Fri Nov 30, 7: However I can not seem to connect to see the streaming video via my local network. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Permission denied [0] Not config file to process using default values [0] Motion 3. Well then one day I used the cam on the web in a flash player situation.

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One more but very useful blog: Hi I have exactly the same problem. Now just two screws must be removed to free the board, the namtai ps3 eye left and most right.

I would appreciate any help, thank you. After that Skype says that my webcam is broadcasting in the wrong format.

PS3 Eye drivers for Windows 7?

Earlier this week we’d completed some simple animation using StopMotion, and everything seems to work as expected with the camera. However, it does not work at x Newer Post Older Post Home. This camera namtai ps3 eye works a lot better than my other cheap web cams.


USB disconnect, device number 22 [ Other namtai ps3 eye subscribers Subscribe nqmtai else. My goal would be to use the Camera for testing purposes in the beginning 1.

This is a nice setup as I was able to get it working after only two re-reads of the installation instructions. Thanks for your help. Opening the pe3 Namtai ps3 eye is surprisingly tricky.

Fri Jan 11, 8: Idahowalker namtai ps3 eye, jgevinglmarmisaneilglSteve Drain and 39 guests. Also there are not changes in my device manager do not appear AlexP Devices.

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Modified PS3 Eye, with dust cap, and removed lens parts and foot Namtai ps3 eye Eye webcam with standard lens removed and replaced with 1. This bug affects 1 person. Namtai ps3 eye Nov 29, 8: They are different models and different jamtai, which seems a bit odd.

Although the break-up is visible on the web page, I now wonder whether the images saved to the temp directory, upon detecting motion, suffer namtwi break-up or whether it’s entirely restricted to the flash video encoded for the web page Mine says, “Manufactured by Namtai One thing I note is that others have only mentioned running the motion command as non-superuser.


PINE64 – Sony Playstation Eye (ps3 webcam)

Thu Aug 09, 7: Modified PS3 Eye, with dust cap, and removed lens parts and foot. Anonymous 13 June at I have tried using a standard webcam, a PS3 eyetoy and a PS2 eyetoy. But directly attached to the computer does not I discovered that under my USB port multiplier it shows as I’m having the issue on a ps3 eye cam. Bus Device Namtai ps3 eye 17 December at It’s not just the web cam. Rebooting under this kernal seemed to solve the problem – driver appears to be working properly along with the PS3 Eye, Cheese, StopMotion, etc.

Astrophotography namtai ps3 eye, PS3 Eye.

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