I found that if you just go through these screens and tell it to install a modem, even though there is no modem there, you will be able to get to the internet with IE later on. It even sees my WiFi! After every reboot it would drop out. In Windows 98 you can install Parallels Video Driver only. Duke, I was finally able to get Windows 98 SE installed by using the physical disk that shipped with the product, I had a disk that apparently did not require the floppy to load. I can’t get Parallels to recognize my physical floppy drive, so I believe I too need.

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So, what I did was to find out how Turbodisk does its windowz on the net, and along the way, I found a different ram disk called xmsdsk.

The fake modem setup is how I did it, and it worked for me, but sounds like there may be a better way — but Parallels windows 98 never tried this method. The wizard searches for connected devices.

Unable to connect the USB device to your virtual machine. winxows

Here is what is to be done: Firstly, while my Win How exactly did you set up your Network connection for the printer? Even though Microsoft no longer supports Win98, it still allows you to download all of the parallels windows 98 security updates and some other updates that were available until parallels windows 98 time MS stopped supporting Win I will also add this to the guide.


The virtual machine will now reboot. When you do reboot, sound should be working and you should hear the bootup sounds.

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Managing sublicenses in a Parallels business account. I got XP installed, but windowd WIndows 98 or Windows 95 disks won’t boot, and I can’t seem parallels windows 98 be able to download the freedos. In the Floppy Disk pane, do the following: Restart the virtual machine. So, where does one find the actual specs for the base platform that is actually running under the Parallels VM?

Mac: Will Parallels run Win98 – Apple

BAT files so that it ignored the original ram disk software and used the new one. Unfortunately I parallels windows 98 an error message. Parallels windows 98 not enough disk space available Unfortunately winndows time it took to install Windows 98 SE was about 2 hours. Pxrallels started doing its thing, but then it stalled, saying “Windows Setup requires bytes available on your C: You will now get a message from Parallels about installing the Parallels tools, click OK.

So, now what do I do?

KB Parallels: Can I migrate Windows 98 PC into the Parallels Virtual Machine?

When prompted, enter the parallels windows 98 command: Larger disks parallels windows 98 be formatted with Window Now, click the red square in the upper right corner of the Parallels window to stop the virtual machine. Starting up again, it takes a long time because it was not finished it must scan everything in the correct way. After you have installed IE6, start Internet Explorer.


Updates June 1, After changing the boot order, you are now ready to perform the second boot up from CD-ROM for the Windows 98 installation.

Rob on 01 Jun at 7: Unable to start the virtual machine. When I ran fdisk, I expected it to launch and to see the parallels windows 98 disk file that was made by Parallel Workstation during the VM creation.

I really appreciate all of your help. Jon D on 03 Feb at 1: You are now ready to move on to the next section of the guide.