Overall Since none of these cameras costs a fortune, and given the QuickCam Pro ‘s clear superiority in the normally lit indoor situations where webcams are normally used, it looks like the camera of choice for most people. The Logitech software can only manage by , by and by Any Condition Any Condition. It’s got a wider angle lens than the QuickCam Express but not as wide angle as the Pro ; the wider angle brings more distortion, though, and it’s got the washed-out look typical of lower quality webcams. Not bad for the money. The Express still has enough distortion, though, that it’d benefit from a correction feature to match it as well. Not a professional photo, but OK for the money.

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Incidentally, the Pro is one of the few products in the world whose box can also be profitably dismantled. The QuickCam software also qiickcam you create your own real Web image gallery, Webcam page or quickcam 3000 Webcast. Skip to main content. Logitech Quickcam for Business Web Cam.

No odd exposure artifacts, no more grain, four times the pixels. In 24 bit mode, at by and quickcam 3000the Quickdam has no problem doing 30 frames per second well, Here’s three to chew on. What to buy, what to buy. quickcam 3000

Not a professional photo, but OK for the money. Dust on an image sensor can be annoying to remove, and will mar your images until quickcam 3000 get rid of it.


Logitech Quickcam 3000 for Business Web Cam

Very small lenses and inexpensive image sensors usually conspire quickcam 3000 give you washed-out and spherically distorted pictures. The qyickcam choice for indoor use quickcam 3000 the Robocam.

Logitech C Web Cam You can’t complain about that. These three have the usual webcam focus range – about 15 centimetres to infinity.

In quickcm absence quickcam 3000 any serious software hassles, the only real setup problem quickcam 3000 where you can put the camera. Best Selling in Webcams See all.

You can go up to by with the Express if you want, but the results are ugly – the software’s just multiplying pixels to make up for the low sensor resolution.

Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000

Quickcam 3000 rip ’em to bits. Which looks like this. But it eats a monster 1. Not bad for the money.

The QuickCam Express is the same distance from the target as the Pro was, but its lens isn’t as wide angle. In byquickcam 3000 managed only 15 frames per second.

Camera: Logitech QuickCam Pro

The room’s lit by a single W bulb. The Lifeview software, on the other hand, is pretty much what you’d expect from a cheap Taiwanese camera. There’s no harm in getting it quickcam 3000 the disc, though. The Logitech installer holds your hand more than the Lifeview one, quickcam 3000 there’s not much in it. It really wants to take pictures in daylight.


On the 0 to exposure scale, you need quickcam 3000 value below 5 to quickcam 3000 that hydrogen-bomb-test look in any daytime out-the-window shots. The third contender is the Lifeview Robocam, a translucent globe with I’ve looked at the Express before, when I compared it with a rather underwhelming D-Link camera quickkcambut the Logitech cameras come with notably better software now so it’s worth a second, quickcam 3000 look.

Show More Show Less. Here’s a very high light shot – now, the two extra lamps are both pointed quickfam the target, and the flood’s not far away. Anyway, realistically, for webcam capture resolutions, pretty much any fairly recent CPU should be fine.

With the case removed, you can unscrew the lens from all three of these cameras quickcam 3000 peer at the image sensor inside, but it’s not a great idea. Its data cable also passes through the case with a neat little moulded-in ball joint, which lets quickcam 3000 droop better than the clamped-in cable grommets the other cameras use.

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