The power button turns the receiver on and off. The ports charge or drain the batteries simultaneously. If using a cable, the cable is damaged. Note that a log file opens immediately after turning AFRM on. The counter initializes with AFRM.

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From the drop-down list in the upper left corner, select the computer serial port used for communication Figure This method of GPS survey allows the operator to reduce the point occupation time, thus permitting field crews to survey many more points compared to the other methods available. Press or click the button or topcon gr 3 usb labeled Enter.

Later, the data are downloaded to computer, topcon gr 3 usb, and processed. From the left panel of the Import from Device dialog box. Measure Antenna Height The location of the antenna relative to the point being measured is very important for both surveys in which the elevation of the points is important and in surveys for horizontal location only.

tlpcon Once the signal is locked in the channel, it is demodulated and necessary signal parameters carrier and code phases are measured.

In order to obtain topcon gr 3 usb fixed solution, the Base and Rover should track at least five common satellites. Each battery can provide up to between 4. This is useful if the topcon gr 3 usb collector does not support the rate that the receiver port is set to.


050901 GPS Survey Receiver User Manual GR-3 Operator’s Manual Topcon America Corporation

This data is then processed using post-processing software toopcon example, Topcon Tools. File rotation launches the moment the receiver time module Period is equal to Phase.

Hardware receivers, antennas, firmware hardware topcon. On the Serial Interface tab, select the following baud rate parameters and click Apply Figure Download the topcon gr 3 usb firmware package to yopcon computer. On the Connection Parameters dialog box, select the following parameters Table and click Connect Figure Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

In this case, battery A will last 1 to 2 hours longer.

GPS Survey Receiver User Manual GR-3 Operator’s Manual Topcon America Corporation

The Rover processes this transmitted data with its own carrier phase observations to compute its relative position with high accuracy, achieving an RTK accuracy of up to 1 cm horizontal and 1. Enable and Apply Power Settings 8. Break Of Topcon gr 3 usb Receivers 5.

Option values can be one of the following: Orange Data recording started Static postprocessing occupation mode. To view information about the receiver, topcon gr 3 usb the receiver and select the Properties option. When configuring receivers for post-processing surveying, use the following checklist to ensure the receivers are properly set up.


This license is effective until terminated. For more details on the optional accessories available for the GR-3, contact your local Topcon dealer.

The minimum signal cutoff is db. Click Configuration Advanced and the Multipath Reduction tab.

Click Tools Reset receiver and wait until the specified interval span completes. Values are 0 to []; default value topcon gr 3 usb zero. Not pressed No light No data recording. PC-CDU and Topcon Link both provide usn file managers to download files from the receiver to your computer, and to delete files from the receiver.

Establishing a USB Connection The receiver is a multi-function, multi-purpose receiver intended for precision markets. Connect your receiver and computer.