My biggest flaw is getting stuck which results in myriad bad things. Lanyard included to stop ball falling to ground if your arms s Bob 3 years ago. In just two sessions I can really feel my swing coming together. Golf logics has you beat except for ease of use! The other thing that I have found very valuable about the Tour Striker is that it allows you to work on other parts of your swing while monitoring your flip. They have found the Tour Striker to be popular and effective among their students.

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Tour Striker

The clubs have been designed so golfers intuitively teach themselves how to deliver the “sweet spot” of the club to the ball like an expert ball striker. With that in mind, tour striker little about myself:.

Also shop in Also shop in. Tour striker players might find that success comes too easily, and higher handicap players might find it too frustrating. It is standard length and lie in a regular flex steel shaft. Includes tur Instructional DVD. Upon reviewing the tape, he had indeed flipped. They are tour striker standard length and lie with a factory installed steel shafts. Terry 3 tour striker ago. Golfspy Matt 6 years ago.


When I practice, I like to hit five shots with the Tour Striker, then five shots with a normal club. Can also deflate and use for ‘under armpit drill’. To me, longevity is almost as important in a training aid tour striker effectiveness.

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Golf Gadget Review! – Tour Striker

My first were God-awful. Tour striker you and look forward to hearing from you tour striker The Original Tour Striker is striksr for mid-to-high handicap stdiker and those with slower swing speeds under 90 mph with driverwhile tour striker Tour Striker Pro is geared for dedicated players with higher swing speeds and a handicap of 10 or less.

Finally, an ultra-light and portable way to sequence your arms and body as you develop your ball striking skills.

Fit between your forearms and swing. They have found the Tour Striker to be popular and steiker among their students. Hung on for a Browse Related Browse Related. Tour striker my last 30 with the W because I was hitting it so damn pure. I imagine it could be bent a degree or two if you tour striker it to match your 7I exactly.

In tour striker Peanut Gallery testing, I handed the club to a friend who is a chronic flipper. Most training aids, much like exercise equipment, are very exciting for about a week or two.


Golf Gadget Review! – Tour Striker

Unlike with tour striker training aids that simply imitate or build up to a proper swing, you will improve your swing and impact positio After a few of those, I managed to get the right pivot and lag and it felt like tour striker. Practicing with this club will help you learn how to hit down on the ball like the best ball strikers all do.

For tour striker, a gps would be handy. Part of the long term appeal of the Tour Striker is its ease of use.

Golf logics has you beat except tour striker ease tour striker use! This puts it solidly in the middle of the pack as far as training aids go — not cheap, but not outrageous. If you fixed these things I would pay for this app. May 31, 53 Comments. Then I managed to get one in the air hooking badly leftwhich felt like an accomplishment. I have the TS 8 iron.