But, because they’re so cheap, I purchased two – one to focus for daylight hours and one to focus at night. Best Selling in Webcams See all. I have this item it dont even work on my laptop at all. I wouldn’t ever use this camera to chat or anything else but as a cheap surveillance camera, it does the job. I was looking for a night vision webcam for my son’s crib and came across this.

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Some jurisdictions do not allow wcm-6lnv kinamax exclusion of certain warranties, kinamax wcm-6lnv the some of the kinamax wcm-6lnv exclusions may not apply to you. I use this as a baby night watch camera by connecting it to my Mac and operating it kinamax wcm-6lnv Skype. The built-in mic took a wcm-6lnv kinamax time to get it to work with my audio kjnamax.

Kinamax WCM-6LNV Web Cam

The benefit there is that even though you wouldn’t really be using the one focused for the daylight hours wcm-6lnv kinamax night, it will still shine its infrared light, thus making the images at night easier to see.

I wouldn’t ever use this camera to chat or anything else but as a cheap surveillance camera, it does the job. Hooked up to wc-6lnv XP machine, wcm-6lnv kinamax ok if the ambient lighting is ok, not so good in low light, don’t know what the LED’s do, never wcm-6lnv kinamax up white as some people claim and appear to have no IR effect, picture black wcm-6lnv kinamax I darken room.

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I can’t even use it on messengers that has webcam features in it. I use this as a baby night watch camera by connecting it to my Mac and operating it with Skype.


Then the night test, the crib lit up ecm-6lnv as I expected. This unit easily wcm-6pnv to a PC monitor or a notebook. About this product Product Information This unique Night Vision wcm-6lnv kinamax camera has the best features, including 6 infrared LED’s, built-in microphone and amazing 1.

You will regret it. However, there are wcm-6lnv kinamax many reviews here that say it doesn’t do night vision that I quickly moved on to another product.

Logitech CE Webcam – Black Wcm-6lnv kinamax image is crisp and looks like something shot from a DVD camera. The focus is manual on the camera.

No matter how many times i try to get it working. Azpen Tablets with Web Browser. Because there is no infrared filter so you can see images in the darkit needs to be refocused for daylight and nighttime. If you are searching for wcm-6lnv kinamax night security cam, this wcm-6lnf NOT the cam for you.

PC Wcm-6lnv kinamax software comes with this camera for viewing images! I called the manufacturer and they confirmed it is really IR.

Kinamax WCM-6LNV Web Cam | eBay

I bought an exactly identical looking camera from a store, and loved it – nice crisp image, good camera speed. It wcm-6lnv kinamax a very nice camera for the price. I saw a similar camera which had these buttons for turning different types of vision on or off. Plastic and Synthetic Leather Buckle: HD 12 Megapixels Usb2. Excellent webcamWhat’s this? You must understand that wcm-6lnv kinamax webcam is NOT meant for wcm-6lnv kinamax time security surveillance, reason being is because the IR LED’s built in do not put out that much wcm-6lnv kinamax.

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My order said kinamax, i got something from a company called Sabrent. I have been trying to get help on fixing this, but nobody seems to know anything about it. The other thing I’d like wcm-6lnv kinamax specifically point out – couple of the previous reviewers indicated this camera is not true infrared and instead just uses bright light.


Nice camera for the price wcm-6lnv kinamax, Upside: It kinamax wcm-6lnv a fuzzy picture, but we only use it for Skype with our families, so it does the job just fine. What I wanted was a web cam that allowed night time visibility to wcm-6lnv kinamax as a wireless baby monitor to mount on the crib that I could use with the hardware I already own I installed the drivers that came with it, and the first time I tried using wcm-6lnv kinamax at night I could see my son in his wcm-6lnv kinamax perfectly.

Does appear to see IR from a remote, in a dark room I can turn on a IR remote and see the glow albeit very weak.